During the presentation at WWDC 2019 Apple announced the demise of the iTunes player in the new version of macOS. Stream of the event available on the website.

Instead of iTunes, the company will release a separate program of “Music”, “TV” and “Podcasts.” Before the presentation, Apple has deleted all the posts in iTunes accounts in Facebook and Instagram. All purchased users, tracks and playlists will transfer to your library Apple Music. For syncing with your iPhone, you can use the file Manager Finder.

Information that Apple is preparing a replacement player iTunes appeared also in 2017. Then it was stated that the decision is connected with the popularity of Spotify, Apple and other Music streaming services amid falling sales of musical compositions in the Apple store.

The iTunes was created in 2001, and an online store inside the app appeared in April 2003. During negotiations with the rights holders of the founder of Apple, Steve jobs insisted that the tracks didn’t sell albums, and individually for 99 cents. In June 2011, was sold to a 15-billionth song. In the shop you can also buy movies, TV shows, audiobooks and other content.

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