At the end of August, cybersecurity experts told Google about the vulnerability, which allows malicious sites to hack any iPhone. Recently Apple decided to respond to this and said that Google is exaggerating the problem and nothing intimidates iPhone owners.

“The Google report, released months after the release of patches for iOS, creates a false impression of “mass exploit” for “the surveillance of the personal lives of entire populations in real time.” He strikes fear in the iPhone owners that their devices have been compromised. But this never happened,” wrote Apple.

In its report, Google said that infected websites can attend to thousands of users a week. Apple explained that the malware was actually less than ten sites. And all of them were related to the Uighurs — an ethnic Muslim minority living in China. The company also denied Google’s announcement that sites worked for two years. According to representatives of Apple, the resources functioned for two months. And the experts from Cupertino have solved the problem within 10 days after he learned about it.

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