Apple and its contractor, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer Foxconn in the production of the iPhone violated the labor law of China, writes Bloomberg with reference to the investigation of the non-governmental organization China Labor Watch (CLW).

Employees of the organization were introduced as workers in the Chinese factory in Zhengzhou, where one of them even worked for four years. One of the main discoveries was that the temporary employees of the plant in August was about 50% of the workforce. The Chinese labor law specifies that the number should not exceed 10%.

Temporary employees are not entitled to paid sick leave, and social insurance, emphasizes CLW. Although their wages may be higher than usual, they are on a short term basis is paying a third party, and Foxconn does not employ them directly. Temporary employees can go to official staff after three months work, however this opportunity was not provided.

“The percentage of temporary employees is above our standards,” Apple confirmed the results of its own investigation. The company also stressed that “working closely with Foxconn on a solution to this problem.” Foxconn Technology Group also said that the labor law of China was broken.

In addition, the CLW investigation revealed other violations. Thus, in periods of peak production leadership refused to accept the resignation. Employees who simultaneously studied, worked overtime, which in their case is prohibited. For a month some time to work out overtime at least 100 hours, even though the law this time should not exceed 36 hours. Moreover, to not work after the change, employees had to obtain the approval from the authorities. Also some factory workers did not receive promised bonuses, says CLW.

Although to stay after work, employees often ask bosses, many of them do it to make more money, said one of the employees of CLW. Apple also said that pays employees overtime to which they agree themselves. Foxconn also said that employees work overtime voluntarily.

About the violations became known the day before the annual presentations of new Apple products, which will be held on Tuesday at 20:00 Moscow time. As expected, the company will introduce three new iPhone models. Smartphones will probably get a new camera, the wireless charging accessories and a more powerful processor. Also, Apple may update the Apple watch. In addition, the company will introduce a new version of iPad Pro, Apple Watch, and announces the launch of new services to Apple TV+ Apple Arcade, Bloomberg reported.

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