The smartphone called a potential hit.

Despite the abundance of rumors about the iPhone SE 2 over the past two years, the smartphone was never released. No leaks about the new iPhone compact suggests that at the upcoming March presentation model does not appear. However, analysts do not give up and continue to consider the launch of a new compact iPhone good idea for Apple. This week, experts talk about iPhone X Mini.

iPhone X Mini: a dream for many

Experts EconoTimes said that the iPhone X Mini — more compact and cheaper version of the iPhone X will be a real hit around the world. According to experts, the launch of a new smartphone in style iPhone X will greatly help Apple cope with falling sales in the troubled regions.

The success of theoretical iPhone X Mini to predict really isn’t difficult. According to the latest estimates by research company UBS, the second half of 2019 Apple will sell more iPhones than a year earlier. But the main merit is not the latest iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR. Analysts drew attention to the increased demand of consumers to older iPhone models, which is particularly noticeable in China.

The main reason for the popularity of last year’s iPhone models called reduced price. In other words, the market values cheap iPhone. In this regard, the output more affordable, but modern iPhone will affect the sales very positive way.

In EconoTimes believe that Apple can go on about the market and change your strategy of release of new smartphones. They said that Apple executives a couple of times hinted at this in early 2019, when the company poured lots of questions about the high price of the iPhone.

Source: ET.


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