More recently, Apple banned developers to add their application specific mechanisms that allow to give different in-app purchase to other users. However, recently the situation has changed. Cupertinos have made the appropriate changes in the rules of the App Store.

In fact, Apple allowed donations to other users of the various items that can be purchased inside the app. The cupertinos have made one important clarification – the gifts will not be subject to exchange and can only be refunded to the original purchaser.

It is not yet clear how it will operate such mechanisms in mobile applications. But apparently, the cupertinos have no doubt that third-party developers will actively use this possibility.

There is no ability to share in-app purchases will appear in various in-session games. For example, in Fortnite. This is supported by the recent statement made by representatives of Epic Games, about what in the game until there were gifts only due to limitations of Apple. Now cupertinos lifted the ban, and soon many large games and popular apps you can get support for new features.


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