Apple has published a selection of the best apps in 2018 — is an annual list of the best content in the App Store and iTunes, top most downloaded apps and games. As before, Apple selected the best app (free and paid) and a game for each platform, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

Well, YouTube may add to their list of achievements, yet another first — the app was the most downloaded among the free in 2018, beating Instagram and Facebook. Best app for iPhone was the mobile version of the popular graphics editor for Procreate Pocket. And the best app on the iPad became Froggipedia that allows you to virtually dissect a frog.

So, the top 20 most downloaded free apps in the US:

1. YouTube 2. Instagram 3. Snapchat 4. Messenger 5. Facebook 6. Bitmoji 7. Netflix 8. Google Maps 9. Gmail 10. Spotify Music 11. Amazon 12. Uber 13. WhatsApp Messenger 14. Pandora 15. Wish 16. TikTok 17. Cash App 18. Google Photos 19. Google Chrome 20. Twitter

Although the list of the best not so many surprises, it is noteworthy that this year, YouTube surpassed Instagram and Snapchat. But YouTube is not a new app, he has as many as 13 years. However, YouTube is becoming more popular, and even social networking giants have to deal with it. Another surprise in the top — TikTok music app, formerly known as the, and the Cash app App.

In the tops of paid apps championship once again kept the application for editing photos. The most popular for the second year in a row was Facetune.

But the biggest pleasant surprise in the top USA was a Russian app Glitché, it was on the 12th place in the ranking of the top paid apps. Glitché is a photo app with filters that allows you to create just the space of digital art. It is already appreciated by famous artists, leaders of the fashion industry and celebrities.

Their joy is shared in Facebook the application author Vladimir Schreider. On the Russian market Glitché was in second place.

Best free game Fortnite was, but on the Russian market in the first place was the Helix Jump.

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