This app is a mobile version of the website. According to an anonymous developer under the pseudonym Kuma, its primary goal is to help users avoid potentially dangerous encounters with the police.

Previously, Apple banned setted in the App Store, since found that the app “facilitates and encourages illegal activity”. The company also noted that the launch of the help users to evade justice.




In response, the developer stated that on the city map, which shows the app, you can see any events that occur on the streets of Hong Kong, and added that users decide how to use the information. “We do not give any advice on using the card as a whole. Our ultimate goal is safety for everyone,” said Kuma.

Because your app is approved, Apple may have problems with Chinese authorities, writes Bloomberg. In 2017, the company has created a special data center in China to comply with laws that require global companies to store information inside the country. Also Apple removed from the App Store, some applications of VPN that users from China could not avoid the government and to access foreign websites.

Protests against the extradition act continues in Hong Kong since the beginning of summer. When the bill was postponed, but not abandoned him completely, protesters began demanding the resignation of the head of the city administration Carrie Lam, as well as electoral reform, the release of all detained participants of the protests and the involvement of the police responsible for the brutal dispersal of the rally. October 1, the Hong Kong police first used against the demonstrators with firearms.

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