Recently it became known that the T2 chip, which is installed in the iMac Pro and Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air on the hardware level blocks the installation of Linux and other operating systems except macOS and Windows 10. Cupertinos note that this was done in order to prevent the leakage of user data.

The main objective of the chip T2 is to ensure the security of data stored in the memory device. The coprocessor checks all the stages of booting the computer using cryptographic keys that are signed by Apple. This allows you greatly reduce the likelihood of penetration of the device with malware, which recently Apple began to include Linux distributions.

In fact it turned out that Apple just haven’t added the special certificate (UEFI) for authentication of the Linux boot loaders. For this reason, the owners of the latest Apple computers can’t run on an alternative operating system.

It is noteworthy that users are not able to remove such restrictions. Even if you disable Secure Boot utility chip T2 continues to block the installation of all operating systems except macOS and Windows 10. However, users have found workarounds – many solve this problem by installing a virtual machine.


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