This was not there before.

Apple demanded that the technical staff its retail stores aggressively to offer customers the purchase of a new iPhone, according to sources Bloomberg. Employees are obliged to offer the purchase of a new iPhone all smartphone users, which is not available any official warranty.

According to sources of Bloomberg, the decline in iPhone sales in 2018 has forced Apple to use the brand new methods of promotion. The company started much more aggressive advertising of the new iPhone on its official website and in retail stores. In particular, Apple relies on the trade-in program, which allows you to exchange your old iPhone for a discount on a new model.

In addition, technical employees at Apple stores now offer the purchase of a new iPhone to all owners of models with no warranty. Bloomberg stressed that such a method of promotion never before used Apple.

The effectiveness of the new strategy Apple will be difficult to assess. 2019 Apple has stopped disclosing accurate data on the number of sold iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Source: MR.


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