It might still be released?

The night of 20 January, Apple suddenly started official sales of iPhone SE in your online store. The smartphone appeared in the American Apple Online Store with a decent discount to $150 and were sold within two hours. Experts analyzed an unexpected move from Apple and came to the conclusion that the company can really cook iPhone SE 2.

IBTimes experts believe that the unusual Apple’s decision to sell the remaining stock of the iPhone SE may be associated not only with the company’s desire to “clear the warehouse” and make some money. Under the assumption of experts, Apple has decided to test in practice whether the consumer interest in compact iPhone. And considering that the entire party iPhone SE were sold within two hours, a keen interest of customers is maintained even in the US.

The need for this test arose from the recent failures of the flagship iPhone, which sold worse than usual. Apple is definitely trying to find the steps to get out of a difficult situation, considering one of the options to rescue the launch of a new low-cost iPhone for emerging markets.

Over the last couple of months, leading analysts have repeatedly stated that the budget iPhone for the markets of India, China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina and other developing countries will be Apple’s salvation. It is not excluded that Apple is also thinking about this, and it was decided to test the actual demand for affordable and compact iPhone SE.

However, it is important to note that this is only a forecast. It may be that Apple simply decided to sell the remaining stocks of iPhone SE in the US that smartphones are simply not “gathering dust” in storage.

The first presentation of the Apple in 2019 must pass in March. Recall that the original iPhone SE was presented at the presentation in March 2016.

Source: IBTimes.


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