Apple has started manufacturing new iPad tablets and headphones AirPods, as reported by its partners on the production line. And the cycle is full, so that the announcement device is already quite close.

However, this was expected, as already in the end of this month, Apple will hold a large-scale presentation, which will show a number of their new products. It is expected to debut not only the iPad and the AirPods, but a whole range of services, including brand news aggregator and online cinema. Of course, they will be paid, so torrents and Yandex. News is still out of competition.

By the way, Apple never released their wireless charging station AirPower, which was announced a year and a half ago at the presentation of iPhone X. what is the reason for the delay was not reported, but there is a chance that it will be re-announced this month. New iPhone to debut will not be their premiere will take place six months later, in September, but in the summer at WWDC 2019 Apple will reveal the new iOS 13. In short, this year’s Apple innovations to be very much, and I want to believe that Apple will hike up quality, and that iOS is buggy, buggy macOS, iPad bend right in the box, but iPhone still go with monopoly.

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