The company now carefully monitors paid subscription.

In 2018 unscrupulous app developers for iPhone and iPad has found a new way of fraud. They began to build in my apps hidden a paid subscription, giving them for free. Despite the apparent simplicity of the method, the expense of iPhone users is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Apple has begun to deal with such applications.

From October 2018, Apple began to pay close attention to all applications with subscriptions. Experts of the company evaluate its transparency and if it can cause any doubts among users, the app is not allowed in the App Store. The developer is not blocked, but its applications are beginning to receive more attention.

Dozens of developers have complained that Apple rejected their app, in which there was an opportunity of subscribing. Apple has considered the notice of acquisition of subscription in these applications is opaque, This means that the new rules for App Store operate efficiently and fraudulent applications for iPhone and iPad will be less accurate.

How to resist such applications and to verify an active subscription on your mobile device, we wrote in this article.


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