Apple blocked the App Store app to “Park of miniatures” in South Park in Kaliningrad because of the Crimean exhibit. This was reported by representatives of the company “Hydrocomfort”, which owns it.

“When the Park of miniatures started to work, not all people were willing to take a live tour guide. We decided to do an audio guide for customers the Park of miniatures. Our developers have placed all the objects that are represented there, unloaded on Android and Apple. If Google has any issues, the App Store has sent notification that fails to place the application in connection with the legislation on U.S. sanctions”, — said the Director for company development “Hydrocomfort” Alexander Vetoshkin.

According to him, the reason for the refusal was the presence in the Park exhibit “swallow’s nest”, a real prototype of which is in the Crimea. Apple has offered within 14 days to resolve the problem or the application will be removed from the App Store. However, to make changes in the exhibit “Hydrocomfort” no plans.

“We’re definitely not going to clear anything either in reality or in virtuality. Think about how to get around this story, and we do it for the convenience of our citizens. To go on about such a fellow is, in my opinion, extremely wrong. Politics is politics — but we have culture, creativity. I think that we get past this story. If you don’t go around — fans of “apples” will just have to call a real tour guide,” commented Vetoshkin.

At the moment, the Kaliningrad companies discuss how to resolve the issue with the audio guide, without taking away anything from the exhibits.

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