Apple began to apply new software tools for Troubleshooting MacBook Pro and iMac Pro, which prevent the fixation devices at unauthorized service centers. If in the course of repair of a laptop or “aimag” was raised as one of the key components without starting the diagnostic programs they can be completely blocked.

For example, a MacBook Pro can be frozen if it will be replaced with a faulty screen, motherboard, keyboard, a trackpad or a fingerprint scanner Touch ID, iMac Pro “motherboard” or the module’s flash memory.

To remove the lock can only official partners of Apple who have access to the Apple Service Toolkit 2. It is reported by MacRumors citing an internal document.

New rules due to concern about Apple security of user data and relate only Pro iMac and “MacBook” 2018 release. These models are equipped with a T2 chip with Secure Enclave that is responsible for the encryption of the SSD function “Bezpecna download” (certifies download reliable OS), storage, Touch ID and other confidential information.

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At the same time, from the policies of Apple concerning unauthorized repair may suffer small service centers and residents of remote regions, next to which there is no certified partners and branded stores Apple Store. Moreover, when the 2018 iMac Pro and MacBook Pro will become obsolete, there is no going anywhere else to fix it.

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