According to Music Business WorldWide, some time ago, Apple acquired a company Platoon. The latter specialized in the promotion of young musical performers from the USA and the UK. This is thanks to the efforts of a Platoon of musicians have signed contracts with Universal and Sony.

At the moment it is unknown why Apple bought Platoon. However, sources say that all employees of the music companies to retain their seats, and the transaction will be very beneficial primarily for the Platoon. Additional resources can give a significant boost to all of the latest undertakings of the company and also help to start new projects.

As for the benefits for Apple that is of the opinion that the cupertinos want to entrust the team’s Platoon search for new promising artists whose music will then join the Apple Music library.

It should be noted that this is not the first acquisition of Apple related to music. In October cupertinos attracted to its ranks several key employees of the company Asaii. The latter is engaged in development of special algorithms to predict which track will be able to break into the top of the charts in the next few weeks.


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