Tech giant Apple has acquired a firm Drive.AI, administering a small Park Shuttle test in Texas. The details of the transaction and value is not specified.

News that Apple is interested in buying Drive.AI, appeared at the beginning of this month and the company confirmed that it intends to attract some talented engineers to conquer Autonomous driving. Currently Drive.AI runs a fleet of Autonomous vans in Arlington and Frisco, Texas, where test cars are traveling on fixed routes with pre-defined stopping place.

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As a reminder, last year, Apple has renewed efforts to develop Autonomous technology, hiring former Tesla chief engineer Doug field. In January, the Corporation has dismissed 200 employees of the program, stating: “we Have an incredibly talented team working on Autonomous systems and related technologies at Apple. As the team focuses on several key areas for 2019, some groups moved to projects in other parts of the company where they will support initiatives across Apple.”

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