Moscow, 10 July — “Conduct. Economy” Apple opened China’s first accelerator for design and development. He works in the new district of Shanghai. The project aims to help developers in China to implement the technology, Apple and distribute the app among their clients around the world. The accelerator will be to provide advice from a team of American companies, as well as conduct lectures, seminars and other events.

Apple has launched a program for app developers in Shanghai to help Chinese programmers to create software for the Apple ecosystem. This project is part of an effort cupertinos of the company to establish a service business in one of the most important foreign markets.

A new accelerator design and development will provide Chinese developers with consultations, introduce new learning technologies, to conduct lectures, seminars, and other events. Will be regularly conducted lectures, seminars and networking sessions for developers, said in a statement.

Anwei CoE, Manager for relations with the developers of Apple, said: “the Developers here in China, occupy a leading position, and they created a very popular app in the App Store. We are proud to provide them this extra support.”

The program is designed for developers on all platforms from Apple, and it began with a workshop on augmented reality. Along with a lecture about ARKit 3, Apple provided visitors with individual advice.

Apple claims that more than 2.5 million developers for Apple platforms located on the territory of the greater China region, which includes Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. Since the launch of App Store in China in 2010, developers have earned more than 200 billion yuan (about $29 billion) due to sales on Apple devices. About $10 billion of this amount had in the past year alone.

To participate in the program, participants must be registered in the program of development of Apple and have registered in China Apple ID. Using menu developers on Apple’s official website they can book the participation in the events.

Apple hasn’t said whether this project is short term program, but similar in India was launched in 2017 and is still working.

Earlier it was reported that Apple, however, as many other companies are planning to bring their production from China. This decision may be due to the possible risk a trade war with the United States.

Apple has asked its partners to assess the cost of relocating from 15% to 30% of its production from China to Southeast Asia. American manufacturer of consumer electronics, is preparing to restructure its supply chain, according to the publication Nikkei.

Whatever the decision did not come country, Apple will not change its plan for migration of production capacity outside of China. The company believes that the risks from heavy reliance on Chinese factories are too large and they continue to grow, says the publication.

The number of partners that Apple is pushing for the relocation of production outside of China, entered Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron, Quanta Computer (makes the MacBook), Compal Electronics (makes iPad) and Inventec Corp, Luxshare-ICT and Goertek (headphone makers AirPods).

These companies are considering several countries for the construction and expansion of plants such as Mexico, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

According to the Nikkei, the key manufacturers of the iPhone could be Vietnam or India. Apple has already begun production of its smartphones to more low price segment in India. Last year it was reported that the Cupertino think of the launch of its more premium devices in the country.

Apple has not set its suppliers the time within which they should send their business proposals. The transfer of production will take a lot of time, so China in any case will remain a major place of dislocation of the Apple contract. Sources say that after the choice of location for new plants will take at least 18 months to start production. At the moment, more than 90% of Apple products is going in China.

It is believed that about 5 million jobs in China depend on the production of Apple in the country, and the company has about 10 thousand direct employees.

Wedbush analysts expect Apple shares will rise in price to $235, if the tension in relations between the US and China will reduce. On the other hand, if the second wave of tariffs will force Apple to place orders for manufacturing imported into the US mobile devices outside of the PRC, the company’s revenues in the next few years will decline by 10-15% from the conventional “civilian level”.

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