According to sources of Variety, some time ago to work in the Apple moved sterling Crispin. Previously, he created a special application that allows the user to paint in virtual reality. According to rumors on the new job Crispin will work on projects related to augmented and virtual realities.

It should be noted that Crispin has significant experience in AR and VR fields. Previously, he has created a special application called Cyber Paint. With it, users can create different images in virtual reality. And the app itself is compatible with many popular VR-helmets and headsets. Among them: Oculus Go, Daydream, GearVR and Vive Focus.

Also Crispin worked in company DAQRI, which is developing AR glasses for the engineers and technical staff, and advised many large startups, or otherwise associated with AR technologies.

It is not known what sterling Crispin will take on a new job. However, sources say that he definitely will go to the team that develops AR or VR gadget. Recall that according to rumors, the cupertinos are planning to release their own AR or VR headset in 2020.


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