Apple has declared war on the App Store that bred podpisyalsya, Apple tired of dodgy developers, trying to hide expensive paid subscription to your application.

The company once again has updated a policy of hosting applications in the App Store. There appeared an important point:

Applications that try to trick people when you purchase a subscription under false pretenses will be removed from the App Store, and you can be removed from the developer Program Apple

Developed by albert Rancho posted a screenshot of refusal of placing your app in Facebook:

He was forbidden to post the application because of violations of new rules of the App Store.

See for yourself where he located the information about the paid subscription. And as a big green button dominates the small print with information about the use of the program.

Left — rejected version, right — sent for re-examination

I am glad that kupertinovtsy decided to seriously engage in the issue of paid subscriptions. And this is only the first step towards restructuring the App Store.

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