Recently, network sources have already reported high demand for AirPods Pro. According to reports, users did not stop the high price, finally Apple forced to work with maximum load. Moreover, the publication Nikkei, citing sources in the supply chain reports that the cupertinos have doubled the orders for AirPods Pro.

According to reports, Apple requires its suppliers to 2 million units AirPods Pro in a month. It is expected that this number will allow to meet the increased holiday period demand.

According to the Nikkei, today the main supplier of AirPods Pro is a Chinese company Luxshare. In the past she had produced the usual AirPods and had to engage in the production of wireless charger AirPower.

Initially some experts believed that the new Apple wireless headphones will not enjoy too great popularity. This was due to the increased cost AirPods. But in the end it turned out that users are willing to pay for a noise reduction system.


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