The last update of Windows 10 operating system contained quite a lot of minor bugs, and one of them has led to problems in the official iCloud client for desktop platform from Microsoft. Today, however, kupertinovtsy released an updated version of iCloud for Windows (version 7.8.1), which solved a compatibility problem with Windows update 10 October 2018.

As it became known, on a new version of iCloud for Windows Apple worked with Microsoft. This approach allowed faster to eliminate the shortcomings and release a stable update.

It is reported that the compatibility issue arose because of the Share feature for albums when you install Windows 10 build number 1809. But now the problem is completely solved, and the iCloud client is compatible with the latest version of “tens”.

Judging by the official Apple support page dedicated to iCloud for Windows, but now the official cloud-based client compatible with all versions of Microsoft operating systems starting with Windows 7.


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