Apple filed a patent application headset mixed reality (mixed reality, MR), which may consist of sensors for tracking gestures, facial expressions, gaze, writes Variety with reference to the document. The application entitled “display System with sensors” was filed back in March of this year and released last week, but noticed it just now. The device should collect all the input data and combine them with the received sensor information to create a mixed reality. As notes the edition, sensors to track facial expressions, gestures and direction of gaze would allow Apple to more realistically reproduce the facial expression of the user of the device in a mixed reality. The company has previously developed similar software for animated emojis (Animoji), which involves the translation of gestures into personalized animation. According to the author, this technology is not suitable for the new device as not possible to record facial expressions, while the person wearing the headset. Therefore, Apple plans to combine data from different sensors, including those used to track the direction of gaze, which can be used for biometric authentication of the user. Apple is working on its own headset for several years. Last year, CNET wrote that the device will combine augmented (augmented reality, AR) and virtual reality. In the patent application stresses that recorded by the video sensors can be used “to provide a user with a virtual view of the real environment.” Official statements about the headset from Apple has yet been received. In March of this year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimated that Apple may start production of such a device by the fourth quarter of 2019 and make a presentation headset next year.

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