Apple announced the release of the fourth generation keyboard for their MacBook with the butterfly mechanism. Her story begins in 2015 and all the years of its existence the positive reviews about her are in the minority compared to the negative. The problem with “butterfly” is only one — this mechanism, which is positioned by Apple as supermegaawesome, constantly goes down because of the smallest particles of dust.

Keyboard buttons start to stick and it is on laptops at a price of 100 thousand rubles. Repair MacBook in this case, it is possible and even necessary, besides, Apple never officially acknowledged the existence of the problem. However, in some cases, it can replace the keyboard under warranty, but the warranty is not eternal, and secondly, sooner or later, the new keyboard will also start to fail because of dust. In the first three generations, the problem has not been solved, and you have the old-fashioned vacuuming the keyboard (literally) or blow it with compressed air. What was the experience like of operation of a premium laptop? In the fourth generation Apple began using a new material, the details of which she go, of course, did not. According to her, is a miracle remedy for all problems, and buttons finally cease to cuddle up. But here’s the problem — if you want a new keyboard, then please pay for it or even buy it in the new MacBook Pro 2019, which was announced today and is already sold in Russia.

Free replacement and never will be, so you can easily serve the company in court, as do many users dissatisfied with the quality of modern Apple gadgets and attitude of most Apple users. By the way, there is a nonzero probability that even the fourth iteration, the “butterflies” will not save the buttons from sticking — in the official press release, Apple calls its superior third, not fourth, generation. In all this there is only one plus — previously, the keyboard replacement takes from several days to several weeks depending on the degree of the slowness of the service center, now the waiting period is shortened to one day — the owner of a MacBook with stuck buttons can handle this problem directly to the nearest Apple store where the laptop will be repaired without sending it to STS. Of course, the procedure is not free, and its cost may vary from store to store.

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