In recent years, Apple adds more protection from getting water in your iPhone. But it is important to note that Apple never advertised their phones as completely waterproof. However, the company persistently looking for ways to Refine the disadvantage of its iPhone and the recent patents of the company.

So, recently found in Apple’s patent shows how physically push buttons can act as another potential point for water ingress. In this regard, the company has developed a potential solution to this problem.

”Fixing the components may be made separately from the buttons, so that part of such components may be positioned in the openings formed in the sidewall of the housing. When installing you can use a variety of props and tactile dome in contact with the button. The sensing element of a node may be located next to the housing and aligned with the button and/or tactile dome actuation button inside the node,” — said in the description of the patent.

Still not clear whether Apple will eventually implement this patent into reality, but let’s hope for the best. In the end, we all would be only happy if iPhone is fully protected from water ingress.

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