The Financial Times reported that Apple has placed on the European foreign exchange market its first green bond in the amount of 2 billion euros.

The proceeds from the sale of bonds of means the company plans to spend on developing products with high energy efficiency, and their design will be widely used recycled materials. In addition, funds should be invested in various initiatives to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first time produces a “green” bonds. Two years ago cupertinos rescued about 1 billion dollars from the sale of such bonds. The largest block of green bonds were issued in 2016 – it amounted to $ 12 billion.

Currently, Apple is actively investing in various “green” projects. In addition, the cupertinos are trying to make full use of energy from renewable sources. The company is also encouraging its partners to switch to green energy and to minimise its impact on the environment.


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