Tonight should pass this year’s first presentation of the Apple. As usual, the cupertinos will broadcast the event on its website. However, unlike previous presentations, this time the stream was running much earlier.

In fact, the stream coming activities started about a day before the event. Thus over time the camera angle changed several times. In the beginning everyone could see the dimly lit hall of Theatre of a name of Steve jobs then see the stage and the screen is dark, then the screen began to appear a variety of videos. Since that time, on the stage appeared an unknown man who was reading a poem of Emily Dickinson Hope.

It’s hard to say why exactly Apple decided to launch the stream the day before the event. Perhaps cupertinos just wanted to whet the interest of users.

It is expected that tonight Apple will unveil some of their new services. According to rumors, the event will be dedicated only to the service videos, updated news service and the service games with subscriptions. “Iron” novelties, most likely, will not.


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