Almost simultaneously with the release of the new MacBook Pro Apple announced the launch of a new program for free service old “proshek”. Cupertinos admitted that some MacBook Pro sample 2016 may be a defect in the backlight. Now the device with a similar problem can be repaired or replaced.

Recall that some time ago the network began to receive complaints about incorrect operation of the backlight in some models of MacBook Pro. Most often, it has faced owners of 13-inch laptops. The “symptoms” were almost always the same: in the beginning were projected on a screen region with uneven backlight and then the backlight stopped working completely.

As the experts found out a problem with a train screen, which Apple for some reason made too short. Over time, the loop frays, and the screen stops to work normally.

Now Apple has officially acknowledged the problem, noting that the defect encountered a very small percentage of MacBook Pro. However, the company still runs a special program for a free repair. Under it fall:

  • 13-inch MacBook Pro sample 2016 with four Thunderbolt ports 3.
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro sample 2016 with two Thunderbolt ports 3.

According to kupertinovtsy, in other models, this is not a problem. The program Apple operates worldwide.


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