Apple has more money than any other Corporation on the planet. It is a well known fact. The reason for such state of Affairs with many: and with a very high price for goods of the company in relation to the cost of production, and its leadership in the consumer electronics industry for nearly two decades, and many others. But it was until recently. Today, the company is not the richest on the planet.

According to a report by the Financial Times, now the title is another technology giant — Google. Alphabet is the parent company of the famous rival of the iPhone maker. She is owned by Google, as well as many former division of the search giant.

Starting from the second fiscal quarter of this year, Alphabet has a reserve of us $ 117 billion, against 102 billion from Apple. However, Apple has in 2017 was 163 billion dollars in reserve, so it is rather a story about how Apple is cutting their savings using them when developing new technologies, while increasing your Google.

So, it is worth noting that even though the majority thinks that the situation demonstrates that Google wins, in fact it is likely that Apple is ahead of the curve. In many cases, Finance professionals believe that the extremely large cash reserves are more than something negative than positive.

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