Despite the fact that since the announcement of the iPhone iPhone Xs and Xr it’s only been a few months, the network has already been discussing the next generation of Apple smartphones. Traditionally, new items must obtain more powerful stuffing and a number of other updates. However, if you believe the Ice Universe, externally, the iPhone sample 2019 model year will be little different from its predecessors.

According to Ice Universe, next year cupertinos not plan to abandon the cutout in the screen. This feature must be preserved in Apple smartphones for at least one year. According to sources, Ice Universe iPhone sample 2019 model year will differ from its predecessors primarily by the filling and a couple of “breakthrough” chips. However, what is now known.

Ice Universe I am sure that a large-scale redesign of the iPhone will not happen before 2020, when Apple will release a smartphone with a “hole” in the screen. We are talking about a small area of the screen will be front camera and all the necessary sensors. At the same time the size of this area should be noticeably less “Bang”.


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