Despite persistent rumors about Apple’s desire to distance themselves from large companies like Samsung cupertinos continue to work with the Korean giant. It is a major supplier of OLED displays for Apple’s smartphones. However, today it became known that due to the decline in demand for iPhone, the cupertinos have not fulfilled the obligations under the contract.

According to some, now, Apple needs Samsung more than $ 100 million. The cupertinos don’t really want to pay the competitor an amount like this. For this reason, Apple offers a Samsung alternative payment methods.

According to sources, one option offered by Apple is a major order for OLED screens with a larger diagonal. In fact, cupertinos want to order displays for tablets and laptops.

It is worth noting that in the past analysts have already reported about the willingness of Apple to equip iPad and MacBook OLED screens. Rumored tablet with the new display can go next year, and Apple laptop with 16-inch OLED screen – up to 2021.


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