Banks are faced with the problem of using biometric data for identification. In particular, the problem of the limitations of using mobile devices for verification of a client of a credit institution.

As it became known in September, special mobile application development which deals with “Rostelecom”, will provide banking services remotely. Already in the middle of this month it is planned to put the program into operation.

However, to place the development in the official app stores Google Play and the App Store was not as easy as it seemed initially.

The problem arose due to the fact that the application from “Rostelecom” is protected by cryptography. Consequently, both Google and Apple have to give consent to the placing of such a “pig in a poke” in their official online stores.

It is reported that Google has already agreed to this, but with Apple, the question is still in limbo.

According to “Kommersant”, talks with major Corporation can lead nowhere, which will ultimately result in the inability of users of iPhones and iPads to get verified via their devices.

Experts in the field of security also warned that the introduction of the new app may serve as a trigger for the activation of different kinds of cyberhawks, who will try to intercept the communication between the Bank and customers, and to impersonate honest citizens.

The new app from “Rostelecom” will be tied to the use of biometric data of the Russians, the access of which the company received on the rights of the operator of the Unified biometric system (EBS).

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