Apple first told about AirPower back in the fall of 2017. It was assumed that the sale of Apple-branded wireless charging station appears a few months after the announcement. However, to store shelves, the device never made it. While the cupertinos have officially confirmed the closure of the project AirPower.

The main feature of Apple charging station was supposed to be the ability to simultaneously charge multiple gadgets. For example, smart watches, and iPhone case for headphones AirPods. However, as previously reported, in the later stages of development kupertinovtsy faced a number of problems, in particular, overheating and interference when multiple charging coils.

This year, sources reported that Apple managed to eliminate all defects and charging station will be available in the spring. However, on the day the company made an official statement:

“Putting a lot of effort to develop AirPower, we eventually decided to close this project as not meeting our high standards. We apologize to those customers who have waited for its launch. We continue to believe that the future of wireless technologies, and we intend to continue to develop this area,” said Dan Riccio, senior Vice President of Apple’s hardware development.

Some believe that cupertinos won’t give up the idea of creating their own wireless charging station in the future will produce a solution. It is not excluded that the basis of this innovation lie the achievements made during the design process of AirPower.


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