During his work in Apple Angela Arends has made great efforts for the development of the Apple Store: changed the design of the stores, they have been actively conducted workshops, and has also changed domestic politics. Now, however, kupertinovtsy decided to reform its retail network.

According to the latest reports, Apple began to change its approach to product demonstrations. Earlier in the Apple Store the emphasis is on product – cost data and technical characteristics is almost not there – now everything has changed. Now near every device you can find a short help. It includes the main technical characteristics and price. Thanks to tablets users immediately see, than one model differs from another.

Also, some changes occurred in stands with Apple Watch. If before, the watch is housed in closed boxes, now users can scroll through almost all models.

While these changes have occurred not yet available in all Apple Store. Gradually, however, the situation is changing. In fact, Apple has somewhat shifted the focus of its retail stores. If before cupertinos more showed potential buyers their products, now the emphasis began to shift towards sales.


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