In the past, the voice assistant Siri in its capabilities and performance somewhat lagged behind competitors. However, last year kupertinovtsy tried to reduce this gap. The company does not plan to stop there. Specifically to improve Siri Apple even opened a new vacancy. And it has nothing to do with the development.

According to data published on the website of Apple, the company now cupertinos need someone who will monitor the reviews about Siri. In fact, the new employee will have to monitor what they say about the Apple voice assistant yourself use it. Then, on the basis of the information received “major feedback” needs to generate recommendations for developers who will already be thinking about how to make Siri better.

It is worth noting that this year Apple have tried to rectify the situation in the engineering Department of Siri. In particular, from management were excluded from the bill Stasior. He stood at the head of the Department for six years. Now, however, for developing Siri meets John Giannandrea, senior Vice President of Apple’s technologies machine learning and artificial intelligence.


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