Apple has paid Samsung a penalty in the amount of 800 billion won ($683 million) as a penalty for ordered displays for the Apple iPhone, says Reuters, citing analysts Refinitiv. “According to analysts, Samsung has received compensation in the amount of about 800 billion won for the sold Apple displays because the American manufacturer of smartphones has not reached the sales targets on which the parties have agreed”, — said the Agency. Previously, Samsung’s profit forecast for the second quarter of 2019 has announced that it has received a “lump-sum payment related to the production of displays.” Operating profit of Samsung Electronics according to IFRS following the results of II quarter of 2019 (to be completed in late July and RNS) should be about 6.5 trillion Korean won ($5,55 billion), the forecast was published on the website of the company. A year earlier, the increased operating profit amounted to 14.87 trillion Korean won ($12.7 billion).

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