Apple has patented a hole for the camera repeatly we’re talking about Apple’s patents, then used to see technology that would love to see in products today. But once the patent application is a bit surprising for its strangeness.

Apple has patented a… a hole in the smartphone display, located on the right side. Yes, this is important, neither left nor center, namely on the right.

The plans of the engineers who will work on future generations of iPhones, the location of the selfie camera in this place. It’s in Apple’s plan to move away from such hateful of the Peninsula providing work Face ID sensors.

Perhaps this is a very early sketch of the layout of the future iPhone.

By the way, a similar patent is from Huawei, Samsung, and Oppo Nex. The only difference between them is that in the patent each manufacturer it is located in different region of the display.

So the manufacturer from the struggle for capacitive displays has gradually shifted to the struggle for the right to place the camera in a particular place.

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