Apple has received another patent that shows a portable computer of the new generation. A distinctive feature of the device is that it has no hardware keys. Last replaced with an optional touch display that has a sufficiently broad functionality.

Judging by the available images when you create a new laptop is not planning to radically change the form factor of the computer. However, the place of a traditional keyboard, the new product must take a secondary display of low resolution. It displays virtual keys. Moreover, this keyboard can have arbitrary layout and design.

For a more accurate recognition of taps on an additional display must be equipped with a sensitive capacitive 3D sensor, and to protect against accidental damage is to hide behind solid glass. It is assumed that below the screen will be special modules that provide tactile feedback effect.

At the moment it is unknown exactly when the cupertinos will bring this idea to life. However, it should be noted that this is not the first Apple patent, which describes a laptop computer with two displays.


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