Cupertinos sell brand case keyboard for iPad is not the first year. However, one of the last company’s patents suggests that Apple is considering different options that can help to improve the functionality of the accessory, making it more versatile.

As it became known recently, the cupertinos have applied for a patent that describes an updated Smart Keyboard Folio. The main feature of the patented accessory is that it is bilateral – one plane of the cover is already a familiar physical keyboard, and the other placed touchpad with buttons.

This approach will allow users to choose the “right direction” depending on the current task. However, it is not very clear how comfortable is this accessory in everyday use. Looks more preferable option, and when the keyboard and touchpad are on the same side. However, in this case, the cupertinos would either greatly reduce the keyboard unit (which is uncomfortable) or to increase the size of the cover (which is also not a good solution).

As usual, the web is no specific information on the timing of the implementation described in the patent of ideas. With the big share of probability it is possible to say that the cupertinos and will not mass-produce double-sided version of Smart Keyboard Folio. However, the existence of such patents once again confirms the fact that Apple sees the iPad Pro replacement compact laptops.


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