Previously, Apple had already issued patents on the appearance of their buildings. For example, in the patent portfolio kupertinovtsy there are several documents associated with the new York Apple Store. The latter is one of the most famous stores of the company. Today it became known that Apple decided to patent another landmark for the building itself – the Theatre of a name of Steve jobs.

The patent application, which describes the appearance of the hall for presentations in Apple Park, was filed in the Office of patents and trademarks of the United States in 2016. Moreover, among the authors of the patent listed four architects from Hong Kong and San Francisco.

Recall that the Theatre of a name of Steve jobs is an underground hall located on the new campus Apple. A large part of the buildings is located underground and on the surface, only a small building with a round shape with glass walls and a roof made of composite materials.

The underground hall can accommodate 1000 people. The company spent a lot of time and money to ensure that all viewers feel comfortable. For this the architects and designers included in the hall of the comfortable chairs.


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