That Apple has registered three patents for inventions that will improve the bracelet of the watch Apple Watch, reported Patently Apple citing data from the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States.

The first one describes the built-in strap or the watch itself a sensor that uses infrared radiation to obtain a thermal image of the wrist with all its characteristic features — for example, the texture of the skin or arm hair. The idea is that the watch will “learn” the one who wears them. TechCrunch, the technology compares with the analysis of the fingerprint.

While that watch is not equipped with biometrics technology to automatically unlock the device. Apple Watch still need to enter a pin code. Can also be “tied” to their smartphone, and then the lock will be removed on both devices at the same time.

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The second patent describes a wrist watch, which team can shrink or expand to your wrist. For example, if the clock will not stay on the hand while running, or if the sensor will need to be closer to your skin to perform, suggests TechCrunch.

The third patent involves creating a bracelet with integrated light indicators. For example, they can light up when you receive a message, suggests TechCrunch. Or it could be a scale which will show how many you have left to run during the morning workout. Now all it can do and the screen is the Apple watch, but new technology will save energy and less likely to charge the watch.

While Apple does not equip the bracelets, that one could easily swap it for another — they are produced from different materials and in different colors. TechCrunch points out that the use of indicators or sensors can make the situation more complicated — consumers will be forced to choose between a bracelet that they like from the point of view of appearance, and the one that has the most useful functions.

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The registration of patents does not guarantee that innovations will get to the final product, emphasizes TechCrunch.

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