In recent years, the number of rumors about Apple-branded vehicle has decreased significantly. Some believe that cupertinos switched to the creation of a system of Autonomous control. However, a patent application by Apple suggesting the company will not completely abandoned the idea of releasing your own car.

Some time ago cupertinos filed in the Office of patents and brands torgovyh U.S. patent application, which describes an advanced headlamp system for a vehicle. A key feature of the latter is that it must illuminate obstacles and other objects on the road.

Apple engineers propose to build a hardware-software complex, which will include several different sensors and software algorithms. Latest will real-time to classify objects on the way, to compare with the existing profiles and to highlight them on the road. And in some cases, the system can highlight the objects, but also to predict possible variants of their movement.

As usual, no specific data on the timing of implementation of the described patent the idea, not now. Apple already has gathered in its portfolio a lot of different documents describing certain aspects of the Apple Car. However, the official vehicle was not announced. Some believe that the presentation of the Apple Car will take place no earlier than 2022.


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