The fingerprint scanner can return the iPhone.

In 2018 Apple finally abandoned the use of fingerprint scanners not only in iPhone but also the iPad. However, it is possible that in the future the company will bring Touch ID to their mobile device. Today was published a new Apple patent, which describes the structure of the iPhone with support for facial recognition Face ID and fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

According to Apple’s patent, Touch ID could have a supporting role in the next generation of iPhones. As the main protection system will use face detection Face ID, which is more easy to operate. But in the case when the face of the owner for any reason cannot be detected, the user will be able to unlock using Touch ID.

In the patent Apple describes several sharing options Face ID and Touch ID in one device. Among Apple engineers designed the schemes, it should be noted the solution in which the fingerprint scanner, and the sensors Face ID built right into the display. This iPhone screen there are no visible frames or openings, which in recent years began to actively use manufacturers Android-smartphone.

At the moment it is impossible to claim that Apple is preparing a new iPhone with Touch ID and Face ID. We are talking about the patent of which is registered by the company without plans to implement. However, to exclude the possibility of the return of Touch ID in the iPhone future is still not worth it.

Source: PA.


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