Despite the fact that in the past cupertinos said about the prospects and greater security of Face ID technology, Apple company has no plans to completely abandon the fingerprint scanners. At least that is the conclusion you come to based on recent patent applications by Apple.

In one of the latest patents of Apple, the company described an innovative technology that will embed the fingerprint scanner in the screen of the mobile device. A distinctive feature of the development will be something she will be able to recognize fingerprints in any position, not just in specific areas.

According to available data, the new system of user identification will consist of several main components: a special contact layer, an array of acoustic sensors and software.

At the moment it is difficult to say whether Apple implements ever such a system. Perhaps something similar did appear in Apple devices. However, as mentioned above, before the cupertinos have repeatedly stated about the prospects of technology Face ID. It is therefore possible, as described in the patent, the idea will never be fully implemented in serial devices.


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