Apple has patented a technology that will allow you to unlock the device with his hand. In fact, it’s the same Touch ID, but that’s built into the display and scans the whole palm, not only a finger.

The patent suggests that the display of the smartphone or smart watch will be some additional layers of the photodiode that will “Shine through” vascular pattern of the palm and compare it with the fingerprint stored in the memory device.

Additionally, Apple offers to use a new technology with the sensor TrueDepth and Face ID to scan the three dimensional shape of the hand.

In the patent application Apple also notes that biometric identification can be used as one of methods of health monitoring. The company does not delve into the details, but comparative mapping images of blood vessels of the palm over time may reveal swelling, which in turn may indicate irregularities in the body of the user.

Whether the project is implemented in future iPhone/iPad — unknown.

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