Apple has published on its Youtube channel a new video called Powder. New video, in fact, is is iPhone Pro 11 and demonstrates the photo and video capabilities of the current flagship Apple.

Actually the video is part of a series of “Shot on iPhone”. All these videos are shot exclusively on the Apple smartphones. The company admits that the crew was actively uses additional devices. For example, stabilizer, lights, additional microphones, etc. in addition, all the material is processed. However, the worse the commercials are.

New video shot in Canada and it shows the participants at the Winter X Games, which go down the snowboard on the slopes of Baldface Lodge in British Columbia.

Over the past few years, Apple has released a lot of videos produced on an iPhone. Thus cupertinos constantly remind everyone that brand new smartphones are capable to take quality pictures and videos. This is especially true of the latest iPhone 11 Pro. About the outstanding capabilities of the camera and talking to some professional photographers. But at the same time, they note that to obtain quality training on iPhone 11 Pro, users need to have a considerable knowledge in the field of photography.


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