It is still unknown when Apple will launch its TV service. It is expected that this will happen after the fall of the presentation. However, from time to time cupertinos remind you about the upcoming launch of Apple TV+, releasing trailers of the show, which will be available in the new service. For example, today in the network appeared the minute video dedicated to the television series “The Morning Show”.

The series tells the command that creates a morning show. In the published video you can see the Studio where we are shooting, and to hear the voices of the characters. Starring in the new series will be performed by Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer aniston, and Steve Carell.

At the moment no details about the plot of the show virtually no. The only thing that is known is that The Morning Show will be drama with high stakes, which will allow viewers to take a new look on the morning show.

It is known that the first season of The Morning Show will be released this fall and will consist of ten episodes. Even now the series is renewed for another season when it will be released is unknown.


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