In late August, Google’s experts reported security issues found in the iPhone. According to them, the attackers hacked a number of websites and use them to infect iOS devices with malware via zero-day vulnerabilities in the operating system.

In turn, the company Apple has questioned the conclusions of the experts, stating in the blog that the attack was narrowly targeted, not mass. The attack affected less than a dozen websites dedicated to the Uyghur community (an ethnic minority of Muslims living in China).

“The Google message, published six months after the fix release for iOS, creates a false impression of a “massive operation” to “monitor private activity of the entire population in real time”, instilling fear among all users of iPhone that their devices have been compromised. It was never”, — stated in the message Apple.

As explained in Apple, the attacks on web sites was carried out only for a short period (approximately two months), not “two years”, as suggested by Google. Apple fixed the vulnerability in February of this year — 10 days after discovery.

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