Recently, the network appeared information about the new patent of Apple that describes a special fabric material. In the future, it can help cupertinos in creating a variety of clothing items – from smart trousers to smart jackets.

A key feature of such clothing is that it can monitor some physical characteristics of the owner. For example, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, etc. Then this data will be sent to your smartphone.

As for the material, then the engineers from Cupertino offer to weave a common fabric energoproektami special fibers, sensors and even a small active elements. Based on the information in the patent, the latter should allow smart materials to play different sounds. For example, a call an incoming call or notification sound.

It should be noted that this is not the first such Apple patent. Earlier cupertinos already have patented different variants of the smart fabric. In particular, in one of the documents described special wrist bands for the Apple Watch and the other smart blanket that can collect information about the user’s health.


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