In the fifth beta version of iOS 12 developers Apple has again changed the USB mode to Restricted Mode by changing a pattern of behavior. This conclusion was made by researchers of the Russian company ElcomSoft, has found a vulnerability in the security system of the operating system, allows you to bypass the restrictions when connecting third-party accessories.

It turns out that now to connect to iPhone external accessory after the hour it is necessary that the smartphone have to be unlocked. To verify this, the expert Elcomsoft Vladimir katalov has conducted its own experiment.

Do not connect an accessory to the iPhone on iOS 12

Katalov I installed iOS 12 beta 5 on my iPhone and after hours waiting for activation USB mode, Restricted Mode, unlock your smartphone, and then locked it again and immediately connected an external accessory. On the iPhone screen appeared notification asking you to confirm identity. The judge again removed the lock and repeated connection attempt that was successful.

Apparently, Katalov explains, unlocked iPhone will accept all the accessories regardless of whether they were connected to it previously. This means that Apple could add in the OS flag phone_is_unlocked that does not allow the Restricted counter USB Mode to start the countdown, if the device is unlocked.

Why iPhone is not charging from the computer

Interestingly, in an attempt to protect iPhone from possible hacking by using tools like GrayKey, iOS 12 there is a restriction on charging from the computer, be it Mac or PC with active USB mode Restricted Mode. In ElcomSoft believed that one of the updates Apple will remove this restriction, but their hopes were in vain.

In Cupertino confirmed that the charging device is blocked from the computer will be impossible until the lock is removed. The restriction applies when you connect your smartphone or tablet based on iOS 12 to the proprietary Apple PSU.


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