Last week, Apple released the eighth beta of iOS 13, and tonight cupertinos all of a sudden introduced iOS 13.1 beta 1. While the new test build is available only to registered developers.

Beta iOS 13.1 is of relatively great weight of the order of 500 MB. A really major innovation in the test Assembly, developers have not yet found. According to available data, in iOS 13.1 was added to a dynamic Wallpaper with a black background, which was earlier available only on iPhone X, iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max and XR. In addition, users noted and more than minor changes. For example, changed icons in the Home and an additional icon on the volume indicator.

Users who have already installed beta version of iOS 13.1, note that the system is not very stable. There are crashes even standard applications and a significant heating of the device.

It is noteworthy that almost simultaneously with the beta version of iOS 13.1 cupertinos has also released the ninth beta 6 watchOS and eighth tvOS 13. Significant changes in these test assemblies are not detected. Apparently, Apple has focused on eliminating bugs and improving the stability of operating systems.


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